Order A New Korus M20 Now On Amazon

From the Korus Team 09/19/14

When we first unveiled the new Korus M20 ultra compact portable speaker at CE Week this year, Gear Diary reported, “If you love your music, you are going to love this speaker.”

Korus M20If you love your music, you can now order the new Korus M20 online at Amazon.com for $199 with FREE shipping. Not only does it sound great, the M20 can go anywhere, and can expand into a four-speaker system with any combination of Korus speakers, including the V600 and V400, also available on Amazon. As Ross Rubin of CNET writes, “With the M20, you can create the portable equivalent of a mini-Sonos system.”Korus M20 cup holder

The M20 is incredibly versatile, supporting Bluetooth and SKAA wireless audio technologies. No matter how you want to connect, setup is simple and quick, with no network required. The Korus speaker has the longest range on the market—up to 85 feet indoors and 175 feet outdoors.

The M20 fits in your hand and weighs only 1.2 pounds. It’s water resistant and scratch resistant, with a rubber body for extra grip. A premium carry case comes with your purchase. You can put it in the cup holder of your car or bike, or use the M20’s built in Carbineer Clip to attach it to your golf bag or back pack. Or just set it beside the edge of your pool and rock out to the music. As a go-anywhere speaker, it has up to 17 hours of play time.

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Singer Khalil Gets A Korus Speaker Just In Time For His New Mixtape

From the Korus Team 09/08/14Khalil with his Korus V600

We know that SKAA, the wireless technology that powers Korus, has long been a favorite with professional musicians. Up and coming R&B singer Khalil just unwrapped his Korus V600 wireless speaker a few days after he dropped his new mixtape, A Long Story Short” online.

The 10-song set features collaborations with a number of artists, including Justin Bieber. The Khalil and Justin Bieber song is called “Time for Bed.” Thanks, Khalil, for streaming on your Korus! Love A Long Story Short!


Make sure to check out Khalil’s new mixtape ‘A Long Story Short’

GStyle Calls The Korus System “Superb”Gstyle Magazine Logo

TJ Jordan of GStyle Magazine recently reviewed the Korus V400 and V600 and praises the sound quality as well as the flexibility the speakers offer in connecting as a multi room speaker system. TJ wrote that she tested the V600 in the family room in front of her house and the V400 in the bedroom in the very back. “The transition was seamless and the sound is pretty fantastic,” she writes. “As a standalone speaker the V600 fills a room. When combined with the V400 the music envelopes the entire house.”

TJ adds that speaker setup was “the easiest I’ve come across” and that she was able to Korus V600 and V400 speakersstream from multiple devices “without a hitch.” “The Korus experience overall has been very impressive,” said TJ. She adds, “If you’re in the market for a home sound system, I would definitely suggest the V600 and if you can afford it add on the V400. It’s one thing to fill a room with music but to be enveloped with music is a whole other experience.”

Hey, TJ, we’re glad you gave the Korus Wireless Speaker system a try. Keep that music going!

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Crutchfield’s ‘Our Take’ Reviewer Praises Korus

From the Korus Team 08/25/14 Crutchfield

The Korus V600 and V400 wireless speakers continue to pick up accolades for the quality of their sound and ease of use. Ralph Graves gives both speakers glowing reviews on the Crutchfield site in its popular ‘Our Take’ blog series.

Ralph says that the V600 portable powered speaker system is “about as simple as you can V600 no speaker grillget. You don’t have to download an app, program your device or do anything complicated,” he writes. “Just insert one of the included Korus Baton audio transmitters into your device and within seconds, you’re enjoying everything you can play on your Apple device with great sound—stored music, Internet radio, game sound effects, video soundtracks and online music services.”

Ralph also praises the sound quality of the V600. The V600’s “array of high performance speakers creates an expansive sound field,” Ralph writes. “You’ll enjoy crystal-clear, distortion-free sound at any volume level.” He adds that “The Baton can stream to as many as four Korus speakers simultaneously. And if your friend wants to share some music from their Apple portable? Just pass a baton.”

baton to speakerRalph says the Korus V400, a companion to the V600, “makes a great addition to your kitchen, den or bedroom.” He again praises the full bodied sound and ease of use of the V400, as well as its versatility as a component of the Korus audio system, because it can also stream to up to four speakers.

Thanks, Ralph, for taking the time to review the Korus V600 and V400! Keep that music going!

Korus Featured On FOX PhiladelphiaFox 29 Philadelphia

Joey Fortman of RealMomMedia included the Korus V400 in her “Back To School” media feature on the FOX 29 TV website in Philadelphia. Joey calls the Korus V400 “a handheld wireless box of awesome!” 

Joey writes “Connect the batons to your wireless devices and rock out anywhere in the house or your dorm room!” She adds that the V400 is “great for when kids are watching a movie on the ipad, you connect it to this and they get a movie theatre experience. Download the app and you can put these speakers all over the house and control them wirelessly from anywhere!”

Joey, you’re the best, and we hope you continue to rock out to Korus!Back to School-Graduation#1Follow Korus on Facebook, TwitterYouTube, Instagram and Pinterest and buy your very own Korus online at KorusSound.com.

Mommy Tech TV Spotlights Korus M20

From the Korus Team 08/11/14

Korus debuted its new award-winning Korus M20 at the recent Blogger Bash in New York and got the moms rocking! Mommy Tech TV, who attended the Blogger Bash, featured the M20’s advantages in a great video segment hosted by tech reporter Andrea Smith.

As Korus executive Brett Faulk explains to Smith, the M20, which weighs in at 1.2 pounds, is the only ultra portable wireless speaker to support both Bluetooth and SKAA wireless. And it sounds awesome! The M20 is perfect for streaming your favorite music at home or on the go, and has the flexibility to expand to a four speaker audio system. Plus it has the greatest range of any wireless speaker on the market (up to 85 feet indoors and 175 feet outdoors). You can also pair it with the Korus V600 and V400 wireless speakers so it works as a home audio system.

Korus M20As Brett says, not only does the M20 have higher acoustic fidelity as compared with other speakers, it’s also super easy to use, requiring no pairing or set up. Not to mention that it’s water resistant, comes with its own carrying case and sports a carabineer clip that attaches to your golf bag or backpack.

The Korus M20 wireless speaker will be on sale next month, and will be available for $199 online as well as in selected retail stores.

We’re back on Dancing With The Stars

Cody Simpson gives a thumbs up to Korus while during Dancing With The Stars

Cody Simpson gives a thumbs up to Korus while during Dancing With The Stars

The 19th season of Dancing With The Stars begins September 15th and we’re proud that Koruswill again be used in the rehearsal dance studios throughout the show’s 12 week run. We are looking forward to meeting the new celebrities and seeing with whom who they will be dancing with.

Korus adds crystal clear sound to the rehearsals, helping the contestants practice their routines for every big performance. We’re thrilled that we are able to play a role in everyone’s DWTS journey. See you on Monday night’s on ABC!

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Jordan Sparks and Jason Derulo check out Korus while at Dancing With The Stars!

Jordan Sparks and Jason Derulo check out Korus while at Dancing With The Stars!


Korus Holds DJ Contest at Blogger Bash Event

From the Korus Team 07/28/14

Win A KorusThe Korus wireless speaker team just got back from the first annual Blogger Bash Event in New York (held as a part of the annual Big Toy Book Sweet Suite event), where it was fun rubbing elbows with 400 mom, dad and lifestyle bloggers. Whether we were “Speed Dating” or running a DJ Contest it doesn’t get much better than this! What a great group!

A popular activity at the Bash was the Korus-sponsored “Bring YourKorus V600 Win Blogger Bash Own Music” BYOM DJ Competition, that we created in conjunction with event producer Robin Raskin (Founder, Living in Digital Times). Robin invited bloggers before the show to create themed playlists on their favorite mobile devices to bring to the Bash for a contest to see which blogger is the best DJ. This portion of the show was a big hit!

Those who entered the contest streamed their music Fashion Ave Mom Wins Korus V400over our true high-fidelity Korus wireless speaker system featuring the new dual Bluetooth-SKAA wireless Korus M20 mobile speaker along with the larger Korus V600 and V400 speakers. The participants were surprised how easy it is to play music using Korus speakers and were blown away with the Korus sound. More than 45 bloggers created custom playlists and then took a turn at streaming their music on a Korus for all the attendees. There were all kinds of playlists, from Disney tunes to rock and roll. The winners of the You Be The DJ_Blogger BashBest DJ contest were bloggers Viola Kay and Fashion Ave Mom, who received a Korus V600 and a Korus V400 speaker respectively.

Korus also gave away a V600 speaker to the winner of the Speed Dating event, NYC Jenny. Mama Latina En Philly was the winner of a Korus V600 for the second chance raffle and Lynda Lederer-Natale was the winner of the Korus V400 from the Blogger Bash Committee. Thanks to all the bloggers who visited the Korus table and participated in the raffle, the DJ contest and the Blogger Bash “Speed Dating” event.

Mommy Tech TV Join The KorusWe appreciate all of the posts about Korus from bloggers and are looking forward to the upcoming TV spot from Mommy Tech TV. Don’t miss a chance to rock out at next year’s Blogger Bash!

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Korus To Attend New York Blogger Bash! #BBNYC

From the Korus team – 07/11/14

Blogger Bash in New York City

Blogger Bash in New York City, June 17-18, 2014

Over 400 top mom and parent Bloggers are scheduled to attend the “sold out” Blogger Bash in New York on July 18th, where the Korus Wireless Speaker System will be on display. The show will feature a DJ competition—using Korus speakers of course–for the attendees, as well as some other fun events including cocktail parties, round table forums and ‘speed dating’ sessions. We look forward to having a great time! Follow the event on Twitter at the Hashtag #BBNYC

Over the past few years, bloggers have become some of the most influential voices online! We are seeing influential social media leaders emerge in this space, garnering thousands of followers and creating complete online communities. The Blogger Bash will give these bloggers everything they need to take their online posts to the next level!

Korus M20 with Volume Control App

Korus M20 with Volume Control App

The Korus M20 Praised For BIG Sound On-The-Go

Behind The Buy recently featured the new Korus M20, highlighting its BIG sound on-the- go and its ability to connect to almost any device via its dual Bluetooth or SKAA compatibility. “The M20 is water resistant and also is the first ultra high fidelity speaker that can expand to a 4-speaker any system with any combination of Korus speakers,” wrote David Gregg, senior editor at Behind The Buy. He added, “The Korus M20 is simple to set up, requires no Wi-Fi network configuration and has a range of up to 85 feet indoors and 175 feet outdoors.”

Thanks for checking out the Korus M20 David! The new M20 will be available this fall at a retail price of $199.99, so make sure you stay tuned to find out how you can get your hands on one!

Level One Gaming Highlights Korus

Korus V400 and V600 at CE Week 2014

Korus V400 and V600 at CE Week 2014

The Korus V600 and V400 were also featured a few days ago in a CE Week roundup story by Remy Cuesta, a reporter from Level One Gaming. “The Korus Sound Systems had big sounds in a relatively small package,” Remy wrote. “Their V600 Premium Wireless Home Speaker can deliver high quality audio wirelessly. Setting these up in different rooms allows you to connect the same sound through the whole house.” We thank Remy and Level One Gaming for stopping by the Korus booth at CE Week and checking out how Korus is redefining mobile speakers!

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The New Korus M20 Wireless Speaker Continues To Impress Technology Reviewers!

From the Korus team – 07/08/14 

Korus M20 Wins CE Week 2014 Best In ShowThe new Korus M20 mobile speaker, which won the Best in Show Award a few days ago at CE Week, was featured on Fred Fishkin’s Boot Camp radio broadcast this week.

Fred, who reviewed the Korus V600 and V400 last September, interviewed Brett Faulk, Executive Director of Strategic Products for Korus, about the new M20.Korus M20 on the go

“It is a new mobile speaker that’s both Bluetooth and SKAA wireless,” said Brett. “It’s going to completely redefine mobile audio. It works with any device that has Bluetooth wireless technology and it includes support for speakerphone functionality.”

Brett added that the M20 “also includes SKAA wireless, which is a higher performance, higher fidelity wireless technology from the pro audio space that provides a number of additional benefits such as farther range and simultaneous streaming to as many as four Korus speakers.”

Thanks for checking out Korus’ new speaker Fred! The M20 will be available this September at a retail price of $199.99, so make sure you stay tuned to find out how you can get your hands on one!

RoKorus M20 Wins Best In Show - CE Week 2014nald Lee of PinStripe Magazine featured some of the new technology showcased in New York last week, and highlighted the M20 as one of a select group of products that made the list. Ronald wrote, “Another ray of sunshine came from Korus with their wireless audio line of speakers, including the M20, V400 and V600 Premium wireless speaker systems.”Korus M20 and Korus Volume Control App

Ronald concluded that, “The Korus system gives excellent robust sound quality with surefire reliability in connection, making disconnects a thing of the past.” Thanks for the kind words Ron! Keep your eyes peeled for our M20 release date this fall and everyone can join the Korus!

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