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Holiday Gift Guides Feature Korus Wireless Speakers!

From the Korus team – 12/16/13

The season for shopping finds Korus wireless speakers listed as a hot item on many holiday gift guides. Ebony Magazine summed up why it included Korus in its holiday gift guide with one sentence: “Your dorm-bound cousin will bring down the house with these Korus WiFi Speakers.” You can check out their full gift guide here.SKAAConnection  named Korus to its Top Five Wish List, saying that it is “fantastic.” Reveiwer Christoper Lee Mannix said, “If you’re like me you love great sound for your media centers, but hate wiring everything. You also hate audio lag. This speaker system takes care of both those issues VERY well.” He added that Korus uses “SKAA® technology which produces better clarity, connectivity and range than any other wireless speakers I’ve had the chance to use or experiment with.”  Read his complete gift guide here. Thanks Chris!

Facbook background_#1bMomar Visaya of The Asian Journal test drove a Korus and decided to include it in the 2013 Holiday Gift Guide. Momar said that Korus is “The next generation wireless speaker system and boasts crystal clear sound with a stronger, extremely reliable, high performance connection for wireless music streaming.”  He added that it had “the added benefit of streaming video and game audio in perfect synchronization with on-screen action.” Momar wrote, “If you’re in the market for a premium, multi-room alternative to Bluetooth speakers, you may want to try Korus wireless speakers.” Thanks for the support Momar, we’re glad you liked our speakers!santa hat

Don’t get left out as Korus initiates a new era in wireless speakers. You can purchase Korus at your local Best Buy Magnolia Design Center as well as online at Join the wireless revolution and pick up a Korus V600 All-In-One bundle ($449.99) or V400 All-In-One bundle ($349.99), at a savings of $140 today! Plus now thru the holiday season, all orders purchased online from the Korus website ship straight to you for free!

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Top Mom Blogger Gives Out Korus Praise — And A Korus Speaker!

From the Korus team – 12/06/13

santa hatValerie Gray, popular blogger for the consumer review site Mom Knows It All, is a dedicated music lover who has just discovered the benefits of the Korus wireless speakers. Valerie has written a great review about her musical experience with Korus—she calls the sound “amazing.” Her review is a must-read if you’ve been thinking about purchasing a Korus.

mom knows it all“Those of you who know me well, know I cannot go a day without music,” says Valerie. “At home I turn the stereo up and go about my business around the house. The problem is, when I get to some parts of the house I don’t hear the music very well. With Korus you can move from room to room, adjusting the volume on each speaker as you wish or need.” Valerie breaks down her step-by-step experience from the moment Korus arrived at her doorstep in an easy-to-follow photo demo, discussing how simple it is to set up and use, showing each step along the way.korus-ipad-iphone

All Valerie had to do was open the box, plug in the speakers and Baton wireless audio transmitter, and simply sit back, relax and enjoy her music. She even downloaded the free Korus volume control app for iOS devices allowing her to control multiple speakers at once straight from her phone. As she put it, “Yes that’s all there is to it. No need to get the Wi-Fi password and connect to the network. No need to pair with Bluetooth. Just plug a Baton into your Mac, PC, iPhone, iPad or iPod touch and play.” She even went on to say, “If you appreciate the difference between lousy or average sound quality and outstanding sound quality, Korus is something you need to check out. Any true music lover would be delighted to find Korus under the tree this year.”


V400Valerie loved Korus so much that she thought her readers would jump at the opportunity for the chance to win one, and we agreed! If you want the chance to win a Korus V400 all-in-one bundle in time to place it under your tree this year, follow us on Twitter; @KorusRocks, or like us on Facebook; JoinTheKorus, and make sure to read Valerie’s review here. And if you need that extra push to enter, you should know that Valerie named Korus a hit for the holiday season, “I can’t say enough positive things about the Korus Wireless speakers,” she said. “They are truly plug and play. The sound is absolutely amazing. It’s for these reasons that I’m naming Korus a holiday hit for 2013.” Make sure you enter today, as the contest runs thru December 17th. And if you don’t happen to be that lucky winner, you can always pick up a Korus V600 or V400 all-in-one speaker bundle (with each Baton included) at your local Best Buy Magnolia Design Center or online at and save $140! Plus now through the holiday season, get free shipping on every order!

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It’s Time to Put Korus Wireless Speakers On Your Gift List

 From the Korus team – 11/25/13

The holidays are almost here—and we are happy to report that Korus has been featured as a MUST HAVE on several holiday gift giving guides. 

Earlier this week, Clint DeBoer, the widely respected Editor of put out his annual consumer electronics gift guide and included Korus on his list (2013 Gift Guide). Clint Imageloved that the setup for Korus wireless speakers was so easy, because it “doesn’t require pairing or any network configuration.” He also wrote that the Korus V600 “packs the muscle to make any room go boom,” and that its big sound and battery power is “almost unheard of.” Thanks for the glowing endorsement Clint! We couldn’t agree more!

ImageMeanwhile, Brett Larson, an Emmy award winning technology and trends reporter, recently took Korus with him on his technology media tour to TV stations nationwide, showing off his favorite new tech gadgets. Brett loved Korus and praised the speakers for their easy setup and amazing sound quality saying “you literally plug them in and play your music!”  You can check out what Brett had to say about Korus here!

Valerie Gray, creator of the popular online blog Mom Knows It All, recently tried out her new Korus and was quite impressed, to say the least. Two short days after testing out her speakers, Valerie blew up the twittersphere with glowing praise, saying that the setup was “ridiculously easy!” Addressing the music lovers among her nearly 20,000 followers, she told them “You need this!” Korus even improved her showering experience by allowing her to stream music in Imageher bathroom! Now that’s what we call portability!   

With the holidays almost here, what better gift is there for the audiophile in your life than a Korus wireless speaker? Join the revolution in wireless technology and pick up a Korus today! Find Korus at your local Best Buy Magnolia Design Center or online at and save $140 with our special all-in-one-package that includes a V-600 (at $449.99) or a V-400 wireless speaker (at $349.99) including all the accessories.

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Manhattan’s The Uncommons, a Board Game Café, Gives Us a Personal Tour Of Its Korus Installation

From the Korus team – 11/15/13

This past week has been a busy one for us here at Korus. On Tuesday, we showcased our new wireless speakers at CES Unveiled in New York, where we hosted lots of interested press who wanted to hear us stream music with superior sound. The next day, we got to see Korus in action in a challenging retail environment when we took a tour of The Uncommons, Manhattan’s only board game cafe, a new hot spot at 230 Thompson in Greenwich Village. Since The Uncommons opened about 3 weeks ago it’s been a massive hit. Even Jack Gleeson, who plays Joffrey Baratheon in HBO’s television series Game of Thrones, stopped by the other day to play games for a few hours.

ImageCheck out The Uncommons, (grand opening November 19th) at As their website boasts, they truly are “the perfect place to grab coffee or tea, and a game of Scrabble or Settlers of Catan.” And now, they’re also the perfect place to listen to great music!

The Uncommons features a Korus V600 speaker and V400 speaker installation, selected because they deliver a quality sound system that would stand up to the rigorousImage demands of a noisy and busy retail environment.

Greg May, founder of The Uncommons, and editor of, placed our booming V600 Korus speaker in the window of the main room, while the V400 sits in a second room, both streaming music straight from a laptop.

With all the recent foot traffic, they’ve had multiple people inquire about the speakers and say they like the quality of the sound.

Image“We needed a solid audio system that is no mess, no fuss, and has a great sound quality,’ said May. “We wanted a wireless system for its extra portability and one that would fit into our shop’s multi room environment. Korus worked right out of the box, without needing a password or code or special setup and stayed perfectly in-synch, even when we power-cycled, moved the units around, or disconnected sources.” Many thanks to Greg for his confidence in Korus!

ImageAll in all, this week has been a huge success for Korus. We had the pleasure of meeting a lot of new people at CES Unveiled, and spread the word about our amazing Korus wireless speakers.  And to top it off, we got to see some of them in action! There’s absolutely nothing better than seeing firsthand how Korus has begun to change the wireless audio industry. You can get your all-in-one Korus bundle now at your local Best Buy Magnolia Design Center, as well as online at (and save $140 at Best Buy or online)! Thanks to everyone at CES Unveiled, and thanks to The Uncommons for letting us stop by and check out your new digs! Next time we’re in New York, maybe we’ll join in on a game of chess while listening to some great music through one of our speakers!

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The Korus All-In-One Package Is Here And Available In Best Buy Magnolia Design Centers Nationwide!

From the Korus team – 11/08/13

Want to play music, videos or games over the holidays for your family, friends and guests on a really great speaker system? If so, we’ve got the answer. Korus wireless speakers and accessories are officially being offered in an all-in-one package, just in time for the holiday season! And now, Korus is not only available online, but in Best Buy Magnolia Design Centers nationwide as well!

Korus_2The Korus all-in-one package includes a wireless Korus speaker; USB, 30-pin and Lightning Baton adaptors to connect to your smartphones, tablets, Macs and PCs; and two charge cables to keep your devices powered while streaming audio to the Korus speaker. This package is offered for both the powerful V600 speaker (at $449.99) as well as the more compact V400 (at $349.99) — a savings value of $139.95 if the speakers and accessories were purchased separately!

Korus wireless speakers can stream music to one or up to four speakers placed in one or more rooms. Near-zero lag and perfect synchronization keeps your music in sync from room to room. And Korus speakers work flawlessly with virtually any iPhone, iPad, Mac or Windows PC. The premium package includes Batons for PCs, Macs and all iOS devices, with Android compatible Batons coming in early 2014.

korus-ipad-iphoneWhen you’re ready to share control of the music with your holiday guests, just plug the Baton into their device and stream their content—no settings to change or new pairings as with Bluetooth! The FREE Korus Volume Control app (on the iTunes store) allows you to remotely control the volume level of your speakers, either individually or all together via your mobile device. Completing the package are two charging cables that let you charge your devices while streaming audio so you and your guests can play your favorite music as long as you want without draining your batteries.

v400effectsIf you’ve been following our blog, you know that Korus wireless speakers are not only easy to use, but they boast premium, full-bodied sound. Powered by breakthrough SKAA technology, Korus speakers provide sound quality of 480 Kbps, compared to the typical 201 Kbps typical for Bluetooth speakers. Our experienced engineers further enhanced this with the patented LiveStage™ acoustic signature, creating a wider, multi-dimensional sound platform.

Whether you’re in need of a new sound system, or are looking for the perfect gift for someone this season, now is the time to check out Korus! Order your Korus all-in-one package at, or visit a Best Buy Magnolia Design Center today to get your premium Korus wireless speaker system in time for the holidays!

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The Reviews are in – Korus Blows Away The Competition!

From the Korus team – 11/01/13

With the holidays right around the corner, everyone is looking for that perfect gift for their favorite techie. If you’re still looking, search no further. Consider the Korus wireless speaker, which has a BIG crystal clear sound, and is ridiculously easy to use. From day one, people within the tech industry have had nothing but positive things to say about Korus, as it takes the wireless industry by storm. Based on what people are saying, you’re missing out if you don’t have one.Image

Over the past few months Korus has received amazing praise for its V600 and V400 wireless speakers. Robin Raskin, tech journalist and founder of Living in Digital Times recently blogged about the new Korus speakers. You can check out her full review here. She absolutely loved the quality of Korus, saying, “I’ve been listening to the deep rich sound system for about a week, and really enjoy the emphasis on balanced sound without the boom-boom bass that so many of today’s systems pass off as fidelity.” She went on to say that “I’d almost forgotten how rich music can sound.”

Another recent review came from JC Taveras, Managing Editor of Official RTV. You can read his Imageentire review at He was able to test out both speakers, praising their quality. JC said, “The V400 has a very rich sound that is hard to find within that size. This little guy should not go underestimated.” He went on to add that the V600 “does a great job at balancing out the audio to always give you natural and clean sound. This is the system you want to fill an entire room, or take with you to social gatherings.”

ImageRoderick Scott, from TechGuySmartBuy also reviewed the Korus. He talked about its ease of use, discussing its “super simple setup with minimal software involved.” He also gave his thoughts on the design, saying that the stylish carrying handle on the V600 which doubles as a cord holder is “well-crafted and actually useful.” Roderick summed up his review by saying “The overall sound output on both speakers in phenomenal while offering up a long battery life. Korus is seeking to change the game on how they use wireless audio.”

No longer are we here at Korus simply seeking to change the game in wireless audio, we already have. As you can see, we’re not the only ones who have noticed the vast improvement that Korus shows over its wireless competition.  If you want to be the king of gift-giving this holiday season, get your hands on a Korus wireless speaker system, and put all the other gifts to shame.

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The Korus V600—Premium Sound with Ultimate Portability!

From the Korus team – 10/25/13

You know that the Korus V600 wireless speaker delivers powerful sound to large rooms, such as the living or dining room, and is great for parties. But did you know that the V600 is fully portable and that you can switch to battery power when you’re ready to take the party on the go? Now you can continue to enjoy premium audio without needing a power source.

ImageThe portable V600 speaker is great for outdoor trips, whether you’re going just outside your home or exploring the great outdoors on a camping trip. Powered by 6 “D” batteries, you can expect up to 90 hours of continuous audio playback1! And the sleek integrated carrying handle makes toting around your Korus a breeze.

ImageWe love using our V600 on the patio to enjoy our favorite music while taking in the fresh fall air. It’s also perfect for backyard barbeques and birthday parties, when you wish to extend the sound from inside to outside.

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