Korus To Attend New York Blogger Bash! #BBNYC

From the Korus team – 07/11/14

Blogger Bash in New York City

Blogger Bash in New York City, June 17-18, 2014

Over 400 top mom and parent Bloggers are scheduled to attend the “sold out” Blogger Bash in New York on July 18th, where the Korus Wireless Speaker System will be on display. The show will feature a DJ competition—using Korus speakers of course–for the attendees, as well as some other fun events including cocktail parties, round table forums and ‘speed dating’ sessions. We look forward to having a great time! Follow the event on Twitter at the Hashtag #BBNYC

Over the past few years, bloggers have become some of the most influential voices online! We are seeing influential social media leaders emerge in this space, garnering thousands of followers and creating complete online communities. The Blogger Bash will give these bloggers everything they need to take their online posts to the next level!

Korus M20 with Volume Control App

Korus M20 with Volume Control App

The Korus M20 Praised For BIG Sound On-The-Go

Behind The Buy recently featured the new Korus M20, highlighting its BIG sound on-the- go and its ability to connect to almost any device via its dual Bluetooth or SKAA compatibility. “The M20 is water resistant and also is the first ultra high fidelity speaker that can expand to a 4-speaker any system with any combination of Korus speakers,” wrote David Gregg, senior editor at Behind The Buy. He added, “The Korus M20 is simple to set up, requires no Wi-Fi network configuration and has a range of up to 85 feet indoors and 175 feet outdoors.”

Thanks for checking out the Korus M20 David! The new M20 will be available this fall at a retail price of $199.99, so make sure you stay tuned to find out how you can get your hands on one!

Level One Gaming Highlights Korus

Korus V400 and V600 at CE Week 2014

Korus V400 and V600 at CE Week 2014

The Korus V600 and V400 were also featured a few days ago in a CE Week roundup story by Remy Cuesta, a reporter from Level One Gaming. “The Korus Sound Systems had big sounds in a relatively small package,” Remy wrote. “Their V600 Premium Wireless Home Speaker can deliver high quality audio wirelessly. Setting these up in different rooms allows you to connect the same sound through the whole house.” We thank Remy and Level One Gaming for stopping by the Korus booth at CE Week and checking out how Korus is redefining mobile speakers!

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The New Korus M20 Wireless Speaker Continues To Impress Technology Reviewers!

From the Korus team – 07/08/14 

Korus M20 Wins CE Week 2014 Best In ShowThe new Korus M20 mobile speaker, which won the Best in Show Award a few days ago at CE Week, was featured on Fred Fishkin’s Boot Camp radio broadcast this week.

Fred, who reviewed the Korus V600 and V400 last September, interviewed Brett Faulk, Executive Director of Strategic Products for Korus, about the new M20.Korus M20 on the go

“It is a new mobile speaker that’s both Bluetooth and SKAA wireless,” said Brett. “It’s going to completely redefine mobile audio. It works with any device that has Bluetooth wireless technology and it includes support for speakerphone functionality.”

Brett added that the M20 “also includes SKAA wireless, which is a higher performance, higher fidelity wireless technology from the pro audio space that provides a number of additional benefits such as farther range and simultaneous streaming to as many as four Korus speakers.”

Thanks for checking out Korus’ new speaker Fred! The M20 will be available this September at a retail price of $199.99, so make sure you stay tuned to find out how you can get your hands on one!

RoKorus M20 Wins Best In Show - CE Week 2014nald Lee of PinStripe Magazine featured some of the new technology showcased in New York last week, and highlighted the M20 as one of a select group of products that made the list. Ronald wrote, “Another ray of sunshine came from Korus with their wireless audio line of speakers, including the M20, V400 and V600 Premium wireless speaker systems.”Korus M20 and Korus Volume Control App

Ronald concluded that, “The Korus system gives excellent robust sound quality with surefire reliability in connection, making disconnects a thing of the past.” Thanks for the kind words Ron! Keep your eyes peeled for our M20 release date this fall and everyone can join the Korus!

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The New Korus M20 Wireless Mobile Speaker Wins Best In Show At CE Week

From the Korus team – 06/30/14

Korus M20 wins Best in ShowCE Week was a huge success for Korus Wireless Speakers. The new Korus M20 mobile speaker took home the award for Best in Show in the Bluetooth/Wireless category, and was recognized for its honor by several media outlets, including CE Week TV and Dealerscope Magazine.

As part of the Best in Show publicity, the Korus M20 was featured in a TV spot filmed by Andrea Smith of CE Week TV. In the CE Week interview, Bill Hensley, Director of Marketing Communications for Core Brands said the Korus M20 is “the first ultra high fidelity wireless speaker that expands to a four speaker wireless network.”

Bill Hensley, Director of Marketing Communications for Core Brands interviewed about the Korus M20Bill added that the M20 had many other benefits, including universal connectivity. “We enabled this with both Bluetooth and SKAA wireless,” said Bill. “Bluetooth for universal connectivity with virtually any mobile device, plus it gives it a really cool speaker phone option. SKAA upgrades the wireless experience. Most importantly, SKAA lets us connect into a four speaker wireless network.” Stay tuned as the Korus M20 becomes available on KorusSound.com in September!

Korus booth at CE Week 2014Rachel Cericola from Electronic House reported on the award winning M20 as well. “Featuring SKAA technology, the Korus M20 boasts a range of 85 feet indoors and 175 feet outside,” she wrote. “Other features include the WideStage acoustic signature for multi-dimensional sound, a built-in microphone for turning the M20 into a speakerphone, and a rubber finish that’s both water and scratch-resistant.”

Rachel also loved the M20’s expansion capabilities. “This allows users to build a system of up to four wireless speakers, for multi-room audio at home or on the go,” she said.

Korus M20 on display at CE Week 2014She also praised the portability of the M20 speaker. “It’s also built to travel, because each M20 weighs a mere 1.2 pounds and is small enough to fit into a bag or backpack. Promising up to 17 hours of continuous play, the M20 comes bundled with a carrying case, a USB power adapter, a USB charging cable, and a USB Baton audio transmitter. It will start shipping this fall, with an MSRP of $199.” Thanks Rachel!

Can’t wait to get your hands on a new M20 speaker, the ultimate party starter that can expand into a four-speaker system? Follow us on Twitter and Facebook for updates on the exact date it becomes available, and you could have it in your home by September!

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The Korus Wireless Speaker System Expands Its Lineup With The M20 Mobile Wireless Speaker That Redefines Mobile Audio

From the Korus team – 06/24/14

Korus wireless speakers in New YorkLast week Korus unveiled the M20, the latest expansion to its innovative speaker line. The M20 is the first ultra high fidelity mobile wireless speaker with dual Bluetooth-SKAA wireless, perfect for personal use and able to expand into a four speaker system at home or away. Reporters got their initial look at the M20 this past week at Pepcom’s Digital Experience, a technology showcase that precedes CE Week in New York.

Korus M20 wireless speakerWeighing in at just over a pound, the M20 can work in perfect synchronization with the Korus V600 and/or the Korus V400 – or additional M20 speakers – in 1 or more rooms. Like all Korus products, it is brilliantly simple to use and delivers big sound with incredible clarity. The M20, listed at $199.99, will be available in September at KorusSound.com.

The M20 has a go-anywhere, water resistant, compact design with up to 17 hours of play time. Comfortable outdoors and at home, the M20 is the ultimate party starter and also streams audio for video and games with no lag to deliver a BIGGER experience. Needless to say, everyone at Digital Experience wanted to get their hands on one, and our old friend Roderick Scott of Tech Guy Smart Buy was one of the first to lay eyes on this one of a kind speaker.

Korus M20 wireless speaker 360After hearing the M20, Roderick wrote, “The M20 still retains the powerful sound and utilizing the proprietary SKAA wireless technology where you can get range up to 85ft inside + 175ft outside as well as Bluetooth. The M20 is water-resistant, has a carabiner clip to add on your bag, and uses WideStage Acoustics that offers a 360-degree sound and up to 17 hours of play time.” Roderick added, “Like other Korus products, you can expand the sound by adding up to 3 other devices for a fuller surround sound. The M20 sounds great even in a crowded event, which we were in last night. I’m looking forward to giving these guys a test run in the near future.” Roderick, thanks for rocking out with the M20 last week!

Korus wireless speakers at Pepcom's Digital ExperienceDan Cohen of Gear Diary, who previously reviewed the Korus V600 and V400, also demoed the new Korus M20. Dan was amazed at the sound quality that came from our new mobile speaker saying, “I spent some time with the folks from Korus last night. We were in a big, noisy hall with a few hundred people milling around. They pumped up the volume on the M20 and I was amazed at how well it held its own and how good it sounded. Even in the chaos of a Pepcom tech event its quality audio was noticeable.” Dan added, “If you love your music, you are going to love this speaker.” Thanks Dan, were glad you could take a break from the madness of Pepcom to relax with some music.

Korus Twitter feedThe response from everyone in New York has been overwhelmingly positive, and Korus’ social media reflects the excitement. Our Twitter feed is blowing up with people just waiting for these bad boys to become available! Once again, Korus continues on its promise to deliver the highest quality mobile audio experience on the market today!

Also, be on the lookout for us in New York at CE Week, June 25-26. Stop by Korus’ booth #6 where we’ll have some more exciting news!

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Top Mom Blogger Says Korus Wireless Speakers Elevate The Music Listening Experience!

From the Korus team – 06/13/14

Korus wireless speakers elevate the music listening experienceThis week Stacy DeBroff, founder of the well-known blog MomCentral.com, decided to put Korus wireless speakers to the listening test—and is now a huge fan.

“Korus Premium Wireless Speakers completely elevate the music-listening experience and provide an easy-to-use speaker system that finally allows us to share the music we enjoy with the people we love,” Stacy said. “While the technology proves advanced, the set up feels simple. When you take the speaker out of the box, simply plug it into any outlet and take the Korus adapter and place it in an iPhone, iPad, or either a PC or Mac computer.”

Korus wireless speakers. Plug in. Play.Stacy was also pleased with the speaker’s range and reliability. “The wireless connection between the Korus adapters and the Korus speakers can physically move the music from one room to the next – with an overall range of up to 65 feet!”

Korus wireless speakers have a better wireless range than BluetoothStacy writes that Korus brings the cool factor to the party. “With this system’s extensive sound range, we can become the cool parent who has the great speakers to bring to the neighborhood block party or the back-to-school barbecue,” she said. Be the cool parent and pick up your own Korus wireless speaker today!

Bloomberg Businessweek selects Korus As A Top Gift For Dads And Grads!

Korus wireless speakers are the perfect gift for the grad in your life.Bloomberg Businessweek just published their list of “15 Tech Gifts For Dads And Grads” and selected Korus as a top wireless speaker gift for the summer. Businessweek wrote that, “Amid the boom in wireless audio, Korus’ premium portable music system adds to the chorus of great-sounding speakers.”

There’s no better gift this year for that Dad or Grad in your life and Bloomberg Businessweek agrees! Give them the gift that will keep them entertained all year long. Give them a Korus!

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Win A Korus Wireless Speaker from Mom Knows It All

Korus is the perfect gift for Graduation/Back To SchoolFrom the Korus team – 06/09/14

Thanks to our old friend and blogger Valerie Gray, you can win your very own Korus V400 wireless speaker! If you’re not familiar with Valerie, check out her Mom Knows It All blog! She’s one of the best bloggers around and is giving away a Korus to one of her lucky readers! The giveaway will end on June 14th, so make sure you enter now for your chance to win!

Valerie fell in love with our wireless speakers back in December when she conducted her first Korus giveaway, naming it one of her holiday hits for 2013. “I can’t say enough positive things about the Korus Wireless speakers,” Valerie wrote. “They are truly plug and play. The sound is absolutely amazing!

Mom Knows It All Korus Giveaway!Now Valerie and her entire network of bloggers are giving you the chance to WIN your very own V400 wireless speaker in time to gift to your favorite Dad or Grad! Valerie announced the giveaway to her readers by saying, “For those that missed my Korus wireless speakers review, let me summarize for you in three words. They freaking rock! Maybe three more. They are amazing! I have listened to one or both of my Korus speakers every day since I got them. I think everyone should have at least one of these speakers!”

Valerie joined the Korus and now you can too! Make sure to check out her blog and find out how you can get your hands on your very own Korus wireless speaker today!

Korus Wireless Speakers at CE WeekConsumer Electronics Showcase!

Are you headed to New York for CE week this year? The industry’s official mid-year meeting, conference and new technology showcase returns to NY June 25th and 26th! Make sure to stop by and see Korus at booth #6 for some HUGE news! You’re not going to want to miss what Korus is introducing next as we continue to revolutionize the way you listen to music!

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Korus Wireless Speakers Make The Summer Of Music Come Alive!

From the Korus team – 06/03/14

Korus wireless speakers fill the room with full-bodied sound

Thinking of rocking out at a summer music festival this year? Check out our list of popular outdoor concerts and put one on your itinerary.

In just a few short days, The Governor’s Ball Music Festival will be rocking in NYC! The event takes place June 6-8, featuring top headliners like Outkast, Jack White, and The Strokes! Later this summer, clear across the nation in San Francisco, Outside Lands in Golden Gate Park will take over SF from August 8-10. You don’t want to miss this as the performers include Kanye West, The Killers, Macklemore and many more!

Korus wireless speakers rocks at music festivals!Let’s not forget the Playboy Jazz Festival in Los Angeles from June 14-15, Bonnaroo in Manchester, Tennessee from June 12-15, Lollapalooza in Chicago from August 1-3, and Austin City Limits in Austin, Texas from October 3-5, just to name a few. But don’t worry if you can’t make it to any festivals this year. Just start your own! Invite some friends over, head outside, fire up your Korus V600 and let the summer of music begin!

Korus wireless speakers - A great Father's Day Gift!The Perfect Gift For Your Dad Or Grad!

Forget the golf clubs, watches and flowers for Father’s Day or Graduation. Give the gift that can rock the house, tailgate, dorm room or day at the beach!

For dads who want to grill in the backyard while listening to their favorite music, Korus offers a rich crystal clear sound with greater reliability and range (up to 150 feet) than Bluetooth speakers. For dads who prefer to relax during the weekend watching videos, Korus streams audio in perfect sync with the on-screen action, adding the highest quality of sound for a true movie theater-like experience.

Korus wireless speakers are the perfect gift for the recent grad!Grads can make Korus the perfect party accessory by streaming music on up to four speakers simultaneously, outdoors or indoors. Listening to music is more fun with friends! Just pass the Korus Baton to start sharing the music. Grads who like playing games online or with their friends will also appreciate Korus’ near-zero lag, making their gaming experience seamless.

Korus Giveaway!

Win your very own Korus wireless speaker!Find out how you can WIN your very own Korus V400 speaker! Stay tuned to our friend Valerie Gray, as her Mom Knows It All blog will have some exciting news coming your way soon! Details of the contest will be announced shortly!

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